JMDD Tamatave

JDD Tamatave association was created in 1995. The antiquated of the boarding school and issues with the godchildren follow up was always challenging us, due to a lack of finances, the first rehabilitation project never had the chance to start

New boarding school construction

Since May 2015, a new boarding school is building up. Thanks to a financial support “Terres des jeunes” who handle vacations camp of a pharmaceutical company, the construction finally started.

This sponsor company, worked previously in 2014 on this same project, reorganized the floor plans. The construction contract was signed on April 2015 and the first jobsite meeting was held on May, 11th 2015.

At the beginning of the work construction a traditional ceremony was organized.

The  “Fokonola” (neighborhood council) and his president did some priers for the project success. Despite this ceremony, violent storms flooded the yard. The jobsite had to be interrupted on numerous occasions, causing a big delay. Attached some pictures about low equipment used on the jobsite, no trucks or any machines.

There are a lot more things to do on this project, in particular a fence to protect the place and the godchildren themselves!

The new Tamatave center will be opened for the back to school of 2016;

There was 38 godchild in 2015, composed with by: 25 girls (11 interns),13 boys (3 interns)

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